• 1 on 1 Service: We meet with our clients, in person, to go over their specific needs.
  • Strong, established contractor relationships: including excavation, concrete, electrical, plumbers, HVAC, and geo-thermal.
  • Construction Service: We can do a “turn key” project, or as much of your project as you would like.
  • Design: We have solid relationships with architects, interior decorators, and engineers that are committed to providing you with exactly what you want!
  • Value Engineering: We will design and build your building as if it were with our own money, without jeopardizing quality or building codes!
  • PEMB Erection: We have our own building crews.
  • Competitive pricing for all aspects of your construction needs.
  • All buildings are designed per your local building codes with professional engineers!

All services combined enable us to deliver options, not just buildings!

Raeco Suppliers

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